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GolifeSettlement.com is a group of information technology and Internet professionals devoted to providing information on selling your life insurance policy to help you find the life settlement deal best suited to your needs at the best possible price. The information technology professionals of GolifeSettlement.com have been providing IT solutions for businesses since 1997.

Since the inception of comparison Internet shopping business model, GolifeSettlement has been at the forefront of this revolutionary median that has altered the supply chain economics for financial products and services.

GolifeSettlement is not a buyer of life insurance policies. We provide you with access to our nationwide network of insurance policy buyers so you can get that competitive life settlement quote with no obligation and no application fee.


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Please answer the form questions below to the best of your ability to determine the Life Settlement potential:
Insured's age: 64 or less Policy Type: Whole Life
65 to 75 Survivorship
76 to 80 Term Life
81 to 85 Universal Life
86 or older Survivorship with one deceased
Insured's Sex: Female Insured's Medical Condition: Healthy Senior
Male Has Minor Health Problems
Does the Policy have a loan? Yes Has Serious Health Problems
No Has Very Serious Illness
Smoking Status: Smoker  

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